Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival!

So I saw my first flyer for the Tribeca Film Festival today, which is one of New York's most coveted arts festivals. The annual event brings documentarians, small and feature length film makers together in a fun filled multi day party! The festival goes on from April 21st to May 2nd! It takes place mostly throughout the Tribeca neighborhood on the lower east side but has extended into various venues like the World Financial Center and in to Chelsea.
The Tribeca Film Festival isn't strictly limited to film and movies, there is food, music, and lots of other entertainment as the festival is growing bigger and bigger every year! Many local restaurants and lounges supplement the movies.
I read up on some of the spotlighted films such as SPORK, about the awkwardness of adolescence. Several other films will be viewed, see the full list of films and producers here as well as other information. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for American Express card holders, the 18th for downtown residents, and all other tickets go on sale THIS WEEK also! Get yours fast and enjoy!

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