Monday, March 29, 2010

At it again: Lady Gaga and Beyonce "Telephone"

I don't know how many different phones there are gonna be, but ish just got weird. Lady Gaga returned the favor to Beyonce and let her star in her single "Telephone", with an almost 10 minute movie/music video remix that I've posted below. This might win for strangest pop single EVER... ever, ever, ever! This video includes the most interesting use of studs and caution tape. Crazy costumes and make up once again.. oh my.
Lady Gaga plays one psycho chic in this musical movie with Beyonce as her Bonnie and Clyde lover/best friend? I don't know. But it certainly is entertaining.

Poisoning people just because you don't want to pick up your telephone? Come on now...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Talk Trends: Leopard (Rawrrrr)

I am an unapologetic LEOPARD LOVER. And I feel like leopard is always coming in and out of fashion every 2 or 3 years, but this season, and I think on to fall, leopard is back and better than ever. I especially like how designers are using it this year-- long hair leopard adorning shoes and handbags, paired with neon and jewel tones, and as lining! Leopard shoes are especially in as many celebrities are wearing them- on all occasions- paired with ripped jeans to work dresses.
Check out these looks:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I heart MINX Nails

This amazing God-send of nail technique hit the scene last summer but has been getting great attention ALL year-- it's MINX nails-- a process of a temporarily permanent nail polish application- flexible film applied by heat and pressure. Ladies, this means no more chipped nails and color that lasts for days! Wahoo! They're such low maintenance- you can swim, do the dishes, they are so resilient.
I actually had a friend who got the chance to get the done complimentary last summer (lucky girl!) and hers hands lasted several days, almost weeks, and her feet even longer!!
MInx Nails have been in the limelight because of all of the celebrities that are hopping on the bandwagon. Yes, they do cost more than a manicure but they are available in designs, patterns, great metallic colors, decals, you name it!! Only certain nail salons offer Minx Nails, so search around and find someone near you! Check out these amazingggg Minx designs:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

THE Coolest New Website!

I heard about this amazing new site called through my internship... it's basically any girl's dream website! Whether you're a fashionista or future editor of a magazine, or just love to get dressed, you will absolutely appreciate this website! How it works is they set you up with a blank canvas on which you can choose your favorite items- tops, belts, jeans, dresses, accessories, you name it- and then you create your own still life, just like the ones you see in your favorite magazines!

It's not an online shopping site, but you ARE able to basically google your favorite designers or pieces and add them in addition to the ones they have provided for you! It's the coolest and you will spend hours creating different looks like I did this Sunday night! You can save your drafts and continue making more until you can't bear to look at the computer screen anymore!
Looks at the looks that I created. (I seriously want ALL of this!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ummm, Hello! Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Video Phone Video!

As if this song wasn't ridiculous enough, now Beyonce has teamed up with Lady Gaga in her hit song "Video Phone." The song is pretty sick, but this video speaks for itself. Once again, as in the "Rude Boy" video, the costuming, makeup, and choreography in this video is INSANE. I love that it resembles a cartoon with the bright colors and animated graphics. Most of all, I love that the video as a whole reads as a real movie! GREAT intro to the song with the black and white morphing into color! And my, is she really workin' that braid. Not quite sure if I'll want my future daughter dancing along to this in a few years, but for now its certainly entertaining.
Crazy outfits, crazy dancing, and crazy Lady Gaga. Pretty sick duo, though!

Watch it for yourself here:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GETAWAY with Essie's RESORT Collection!

You guessed it, more nail polish! This time, it's Essie's Resort Collection. These bright colors are much more exotic than the soft spring hues they came out with earlier, and with clever names as always. Although the collection is just 4 shades- just like that 4 day stay in the Caribbean- they are all worth it! Choose from "Lapis of Luxury" a beautiful blue; "Splash of Grenadine" and fresh green; "Playa del Platinum" a nice neutral hue, or "Turquoise and Caicos" my favorite-- teal! Or you can choose all 4! Available in two weeks, May 1st in beauty retailers near you. Yay!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Before I say anything, CLICK HERE!
I happen to know the hottest DJ out: DJ-- DJ MR 8PM aka Showtime... and he just got a new gig spinning on On Demand Radio!! He spins EVERY Saturday, 4-7pm on So if you're planning on going out this Saturday and want a little motivation and good music to keep you company as you get ready to go out, tune in for some goooood music set from my friend DJ Mr. 8PM, its a good time for sure! He mixes everything, hip hop, old school rap, r&b, pop, reggae and reggaton, you name it! HOT!!! Look out for him :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok, I apologize, I still have YET to see Alice in Wonderland! It's been on my list of things to do, hopefully during spring break I can see it! I've been hearing great things about it though, a few friends have seen it and they said it was definitely trippy and a grown up version of the Disney version. SO look out for my thoughts when I finally get to seeing it! If YOU have seen it, let me know what you think!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Talk Trends: Neon!

As Spring is finally almost here, it's time to shop for the new season. The hottest trend, quite literally, is NEON right now. Hot pink, neon yellow, orange, green, and electric blue and magenta are all great colors to spice up jeans and white pants. My favorite way to wear neon right now is through accessories. Instead of investing in an expensive dress or top in a neon color, spring for accessories that can put the perfect touch on your outfit and embrace the trend at the same time. Totes, sandals, hair accessories, and jewelry are all great touches! Here are some looks:

Monday, March 8, 2010

The 2010 Oscars Night of Fashion!

America tuned in again to watch the 2010 Oscars last night. There was so much buzz around the show as some of the most amazing and innovative movies were up for nominations- not to mention some of the best actors and actresses. But I'll stray from the politics of the awards show and focus on my favorite looks of the night!

Meryl, Meryl, Meryl... my HOPE is to look as good as she does when I am her age. The all white Chris March gown is simply stunning and not overdone with too many accessories, just some great earrings. She is such a talented and modest actresses and dressed with grace and elegance. Love it!

Cameron Diaz! Hello! While we haven't heard anything from her in a while, Cameron certainly spoke for herself in this dazzling Oscar de la Renta gown. While the dress is beautiful on its own, I think Cameron had the best hair and make up. Looking very "Old Hollywood" with the voluminous cascading soft curls and vibrant red lips she was definitely looking like Hollywood gold!

Zoe Saldana! Certainly looking far from an Avatar and a lot like Givenchy Couture! At fist I wasn't completely sure about this look but I love it in photographs! I love the ombre ruffled bottom and sparkling top, what a dress!

Hmmm.... this is one I wasn't quite sure about. Jennifer Lopez usually always looks like a goddess on the red carpet (although she has really been taking some fashion risks lately) but last night something wasn't quite right. I think it's the material-- looks like bubble wrap or that stuff they package TV's in, although the dress is Armani Prive. The color could have been a little bit brighter, she doesn't need to wash herself out with that dull color. But I love the shape of the dress and the rest of her look, just sad that this didn't come together better.

Hahaha THE funniest look of the Oscars was Ben Stiller when he presented. His whole delivery and speech had me rolling. He is brilliant. And to imagine that he missed the Red Carpet to sit through hours (I'm imagining hours) of hair and makeup to transform himself into an Avatar is just amazing- not that guys like Ben Stiller WANT to walk the Red Carpet but, you know... Anyways, so funny! The tail/braid part was hilarious!

All in all, I think everyone looked really great last night. I haven't seen the official "BEST AND WORST Looks of the 2010 Oscars" in gossip magazines yet so I can't say that for sure. Other notables were Sara Jessica Parker, Miley Cirus (although she has TERRIBLE posture!) Rachel McAdams, Demi Moore, Amanda Siegfried, and Queen Latifah. Overall, amazing dresses! Ahhh, gotta love award show nights that celebrate the runway on the Red Carpet!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oooooo.... OPI's "Alice in Wonderland" Collection

Four marvelous new colors are out from OPI inspired by Alice in Wonderland! The colors are fun, whimsical, and available for a short time only! Choose from "Off With Her Red!," a vibrant matte red; "Absolutely Alice," a sparkling turquoise; "Mad As a Hatter," a multi-colored glitter medley of purples, greens, blues, and more; and "Thanks So Muchness," a metalic redish pink. Get them while they're still around! Available at most salons and beauty stores, and here at

It's ALL about Alice this week!!

So ever since seeing Avatar I have been super excited about the release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (I saw the preview while seeing Avatar...twice). I was a pretty big Disney Princess girl when I was young so I never paid much attention to Alice and her crazy antics, but Alice in Wonderland might be my new favorite fantasy. When I finally took the story out of Disney's childish tea-time context and into Lewis Carroll's intended twisted and demented context, I started to pay attention.

So! This week the movie drops in theaters in 3-D which I am sooo excited about! Only Tim Burton would be capable of adapting this film into a creep yet fascinating piece. And talk about an all start cast: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter ... I can't wait! The special affects, wardrobe, and amazing acting skills are sure to make the movie a work of art!

New York is also anticipating Alice in Wonderland as a lot of restaurants and lounges are having specials in honor of the movie. Get a little inspiration from the Caterpillar and enjoy hookah at Kush on Chrystie Street, or enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails from 5-7pm like champagne and absinthe "White Rabbit" at Sidebar (15th St. at Irving Pl).At Sidebar there will also be chances to win tickets to the movie! But most importantly, scope out where you're going to view the film! I'm anticipating long lines and sold out shows, so get on it. This is totally a grown up Disney movie on shrooms, so go see it!

In the meantime, watch one of the trailers: