Monday, March 8, 2010

The 2010 Oscars Night of Fashion!

America tuned in again to watch the 2010 Oscars last night. There was so much buzz around the show as some of the most amazing and innovative movies were up for nominations- not to mention some of the best actors and actresses. But I'll stray from the politics of the awards show and focus on my favorite looks of the night!

Meryl, Meryl, Meryl... my HOPE is to look as good as she does when I am her age. The all white Chris March gown is simply stunning and not overdone with too many accessories, just some great earrings. She is such a talented and modest actresses and dressed with grace and elegance. Love it!

Cameron Diaz! Hello! While we haven't heard anything from her in a while, Cameron certainly spoke for herself in this dazzling Oscar de la Renta gown. While the dress is beautiful on its own, I think Cameron had the best hair and make up. Looking very "Old Hollywood" with the voluminous cascading soft curls and vibrant red lips she was definitely looking like Hollywood gold!

Zoe Saldana! Certainly looking far from an Avatar and a lot like Givenchy Couture! At fist I wasn't completely sure about this look but I love it in photographs! I love the ombre ruffled bottom and sparkling top, what a dress!

Hmmm.... this is one I wasn't quite sure about. Jennifer Lopez usually always looks like a goddess on the red carpet (although she has really been taking some fashion risks lately) but last night something wasn't quite right. I think it's the material-- looks like bubble wrap or that stuff they package TV's in, although the dress is Armani Prive. The color could have been a little bit brighter, she doesn't need to wash herself out with that dull color. But I love the shape of the dress and the rest of her look, just sad that this didn't come together better.

Hahaha THE funniest look of the Oscars was Ben Stiller when he presented. His whole delivery and speech had me rolling. He is brilliant. And to imagine that he missed the Red Carpet to sit through hours (I'm imagining hours) of hair and makeup to transform himself into an Avatar is just amazing- not that guys like Ben Stiller WANT to walk the Red Carpet but, you know... Anyways, so funny! The tail/braid part was hilarious!

All in all, I think everyone looked really great last night. I haven't seen the official "BEST AND WORST Looks of the 2010 Oscars" in gossip magazines yet so I can't say that for sure. Other notables were Sara Jessica Parker, Miley Cirus (although she has TERRIBLE posture!) Rachel McAdams, Demi Moore, Amanda Siegfried, and Queen Latifah. Overall, amazing dresses! Ahhh, gotta love award show nights that celebrate the runway on the Red Carpet!


  1. Zoe definitely took a risk, but I agree that it looks really good in the picture! And totally also agree with your bubble wrap comment..I can't say I'm really a fan of the dress.

  2. I love Meryl Streep...she is timeles...and looked gorgeous this year!

  3. I loved Zoe's look when I saw her... from the waist up! No matter which way I look at it, I am not a fan of the dress. Maybe the color... the purple looks good on her. Sorry, but it just wasn't my fav!

  4. yeaa i loved the purple too!! and the sparkles, it was kind of a lot together tho... but ohhh Jennifer, better luck next time haha