Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SPRING WEEKEND + MGMT = Fordham Craziness!

So Fordham has an annual tradition of SPRING WEEKEND, a jam packed weekend containing all the live music, Mr. Softee, and fun college stuff that we are normally deprived of during the rest of the year. And let me tell you, Fordham students get every last drop of fun out of Spring Weekend. And each year it seems to get better! Performances from Ghost Face Killa to Yellow Card have graced the CAB Spring Weekend stage the past few years, and this year it is none other than [everyone's favorite] MGMT. I DIE.
I have loved MGMT since I heard of them almost 3 years ago... the greatest feel good dance music ever. Their single "Electric Feel" I think they had everyone at hello, and the craziest music video too-- think nymphs in the jungle. Amazing.
MGMT also just released their new CD, "Congratulations" that at first listen is a little more tame than their first CD "Oracle Spectacular" but I'm sure is equally as good!! Their singles "Kids" and "Time to Pretend" are faaantastic as well!
That is why everyone is SOO EXCITED for MGMT to hit the stage (hopefully Dean Rodgers doesn't have a heart attack due to all the craziness that will ensue). Be on the look out for lots of neon, bathing suits, and fanny packs, that's my forecast at least :)
SO everyone, ENJOY SPRING WEEKEND 2010 and MGMT!! Here's a preview of the amazingness we're about to experience, their beloved single, "Electric Feel" !!! uhhhh-mazing!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talk Trends: Friendship Bracelets, yay!

Do you love your friends? I sure do! That's why FRIENDSHIP bracelets are super in this season! The favorite childhood accessory is back! They are so fun and easy to wear and wearing them is like carrying happy thoughts of them with you on your wrist :) There are so many cool and eclectic places to acquire them too. This weekend a friend of mine is coming to town and I'm sure we will be scouring the streets of New York to find some new ones!
I love neon brads with charms, evil eyes, anything sparkling, and mixing metals like silver and gold. There really is NO right or wrong way to wear them. Layer them on-- it seems that more is better this season! Plus they look so great with any outfit because they are colorful and sparkly! Yay! What's coolest about them is that you can find them from anywhere from $1 on the street or at flea markets or a little more pricey (usually for more glitz) and cute boutiques throughout the city!
Here are some of my favorites from the ETTIKA boutique-- shop their website, they have the most amazing designs!! don't you want to go get some?!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something new.... TIESTO

A friend of mine told me about how she had recently gotten into techno and dance music... and I laughed. Laughed very hard in fact, until she had me listen to what she had been listening to. She explained how she had gone to a dance party the previous weekend in Seattle called "Tiesto," named after the famous world renowned DJ who travels around the country putting on these laser and music shows..
They are PHENOMENAL. Hundreds of colored lasers shoot across the sky while the most electrifying music plays from this little man Tiesto way above the crowd. He does his own music as well as some of the coolest remixes. She said there was so much energy in the room it was amazing! Sooo after that I had to give some of the songs a listen. I didn't like them all, but I liked a lot of them! Super feel good music, upbeat with fun lyrics, definitely something new and worthwhile and perfect for those summer parties.
Check out his artist profile on PANDORA here
And listen to one his most popular songs, "Escape Me" featuring CC Sheffield here:

Friday, April 23, 2010

ALICIA?! Video, Please!

OK, so many, many weeks ago I posted about the highly anticipated Alicia Keys and Beyonce duet "Put It In a Love Song" premiere video which was supposed to be released in MARCH. Not only did I check back several times in March and April, but as we near the end of the month there is still NO word on when the video will be released.
The music video was supposed to premiere mid-March on BET and has been postponed without further notice since then. Not only is the song struggling on the charts because of the lack of video, but other video collabs like Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone have been sky rocketing on the charts because everyone loves the video.
All I can search for are "behind the scenes" and "the making of..." videos! ALICIA, we want to see your new video, please!!! In the meantime, at least check out what we're in for...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[It's an OGRE!] Nail Polish from OPI

Who knew that Shrek was that big of a deal that OPI would want to go and make limited edition SHREK nail polish... but they did! This is just a small limited edition of just 6 colors, but they are sooo fun why not get them all! Chose from "Rumple's Wiggin"- a pretty lavender, What's With the Cattitude?"- a pale blue, "Fiercely Fiona" a light golden hue, "Ogre the Top" bold turquoise, "Funky Dunkey" - (my favorite) a great purple color, or "Who the Shrek Are You?"- the signature Shrek green. All are fairly bright really nicely saturated colors- perfect for the spring and summer neon looks that are so in season!! Order at or most beauty retailers near you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Talk Trends: Patterns, "shake em up, shake em up!"

I am usually a pretty conservative girl when it comes to patterns.. if I'm wearing a busy print I try to tame it down with simple accessories and a great pair of shoes.. until this season when mixing patterns has become the "IT" thing to do! Mixing animal prints, tribal prints, graphic prints, along with bright bold colors, is the new way to do it! I've seen a ton of spreads in various magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue, all of them are really embracing the new trend!
I love mixing animal prints with bright colors, and using finishing touches like a braided wedge to complete tribal pieces. Animal print (as I've noted before in other "Talk Trends" posts) is going to be THE finishing touch this summer and into fall. Be careful not to get too cray with the mixing and matching-- avoid colors that might clash too much and mixing too many busy prints together. But other than that, have fun and go wild!!

That's my take on how to mix patterns and prints this season, courtesy of!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TOMS Shoes: slippers or life savers?

I first started seeing TOMS Shoes about 2 years ago in smaller upscale shoes stores, like Tani on the upper west side. At first I thought they looked a little funny and didn't know why a pair of [basically] slippers were so expensive. Yea, they were cute little slip-ons for spring and summer, but man at $50-$70 a pop they really thought they were special. Then I realized what TOMS mission statement is: for every pair that we as consumers by, TOMS donates the same pair of shoes to children in developing countries and I was like "awwww ok". That changed my view on these shoes quite a bit.

But recently, amidst natural disasters occurring left and right and poverty still being combated, I'm wondering if TOMS is really living up to the wonderful philanthropic company its been labeled as. A friend pointed out a lot of these problems to me. First of all, the shoes are made outside the U.S. in Argentina, Ethiopia, and China- probably saving a bunch of money in labor and production costs. Second of all, if the shoes are being made for a tiny portion of the price the shoes retail for (around 15 cents compared to on average $60 for retail) it seems that TOMS could afford to donate more than just ONE pair of shoes per child-- why not 2? Yes it is great that retail and philanthropy have joined forces to help others, but are the two forces living up to their full potential? I don't really think so.

But that was just my small rant on the matter. If you want to buy the shoes because they are cute in a kind of relaxed hippy sort of way (a lot of TOMS shoes are "vegan") and because they come in a variety of prints, colors, and glitter assortments, then by all means, indulge. BUT, if you are buying them as a means of philanthropic contribution on your part, maybe think again if there is a better, more effective way, to help people in other countries. That is all :)

Last but not least, if you want to shop the website and learn more about the company click here for TOMS website!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spa Week.... Continues!

So going on right now is SPA WEEK, a nation wide celebration of spa-going with its biggest perk being majorly DISCOUNTED spa services! The party started April 12th and many spa's are booking up with anticipation BUT many salons also will be carrying over Spa Week discounted services until next week (they love the attention). Choose from massages, acupuncture, peels, mani/pedis, facials, waxing, reflexology, botox- literally so many great things to chose from! Everything is supposed to be around $50 but there is a little discretion with things like electrolysis and botox. And it's going on in almost every major city nation wide!! New York loves spa week and there are a TON of your favorite salons and spa's participating!

I treated myself to a facial from the Dorit Baxter Salon and Spa on 57th St. this week in honor of Spa Week and scored it for $50, such a great deal, AND she even threw in an extra treatment during my facial! It was sooo relaxing and after the harsh winter and lack of sunlight my skin really needed one! I walked out with clean fresh skin and after paying half the price!! Such an amazing experience that I've booked another spa treatment for this coming week since the spa had extended their Spa Week prices. So indulgent, so cheap!

Register on and then search either by your favorite spa, spa service, or participating New York area spa's and salons! There's another week of deals to be had!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Girls: B.O.B Show TONIGHT!!!

Sorry for the late notice, but I'm sure you've all heard that catchy feel good song of B.O.B.'s "Nothing On You" ["beautiful girlllssss, all over the worldddd...."] Well he's playing TONIGHT, monday night, downtown at SOB's on Varick Street in Manhattan. Unfortunately I CAN'T go because of school, but you all should check it out. Tickets are extremely cheap- $17 day of- and the show starts at 9pm. B.O.B. has garnered a TON of press in this last year, with a mixtape that just dropped, and being named XXL's "Freshmen of the Year"last year. So, if you're able to go, check it outttt!!
204 Varick Street (at Houston) 212-243-4940. Subway: 1 to Houston St
Here's a map of the venue SOB's:

AND check out the video for his single "Nothing on You" featuring Bruno Mars here... perfect to bump on a beautiful day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Talk Trends: Metallic

Not that this is a new trend, but it sure is a favorite! Metallic hit the fashion scene hard about three years ago when people found how easy they were to wear and how easily they spice up any outfit. Every summer I usually purchase a new pair of metallic sandals that I usually wear through in three months- they go with any and everything. But this summer, there's a new comer-- rose gold metallic. This pinkish gold hue warms up every skin tone and goes with all the yellows, oranges, reds, and whites especially that are always in during the spring and summer months.
As always, its super easy to incorporate trends into accessories and shoes. Like I said, a great pair of metallic sandals will take you SO far. Bangles and layered necklaces are always a smart move. And handbags and clutches especially are easy and fun to take with you anywhere.
Here is my collage that I made at (new favorite site that's such a handy blogging tool) of all my favorite metallic goodies for this summer season!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival!

So I saw my first flyer for the Tribeca Film Festival today, which is one of New York's most coveted arts festivals. The annual event brings documentarians, small and feature length film makers together in a fun filled multi day party! The festival goes on from April 21st to May 2nd! It takes place mostly throughout the Tribeca neighborhood on the lower east side but has extended into various venues like the World Financial Center and in to Chelsea.
The Tribeca Film Festival isn't strictly limited to film and movies, there is food, music, and lots of other entertainment as the festival is growing bigger and bigger every year! Many local restaurants and lounges supplement the movies.
I read up on some of the spotlighted films such as SPORK, about the awkwardness of adolescence. Several other films will be viewed, see the full list of films and producers here as well as other information. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for American Express card holders, the 18th for downtown residents, and all other tickets go on sale THIS WEEK also! Get yours fast and enjoy!