Monday, April 19, 2010

Talk Trends: Patterns, "shake em up, shake em up!"

I am usually a pretty conservative girl when it comes to patterns.. if I'm wearing a busy print I try to tame it down with simple accessories and a great pair of shoes.. until this season when mixing patterns has become the "IT" thing to do! Mixing animal prints, tribal prints, graphic prints, along with bright bold colors, is the new way to do it! I've seen a ton of spreads in various magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue, all of them are really embracing the new trend!
I love mixing animal prints with bright colors, and using finishing touches like a braided wedge to complete tribal pieces. Animal print (as I've noted before in other "Talk Trends" posts) is going to be THE finishing touch this summer and into fall. Be careful not to get too cray with the mixing and matching-- avoid colors that might clash too much and mixing too many busy prints together. But other than that, have fun and go wild!!

That's my take on how to mix patterns and prints this season, courtesy of!


  1. I love nothing more than wearing things that don't necessarily "match," but do "go." Like wearing red earrings with a turquoise top. Maybe I'll need to start throwing some leopard into the mix.

  2. Yes I love red and turquoise together- gotta love those complimentary colors! And I loveeee leopard with bright colors. I just added a new pic above for inspiration!

  3. I haven't tried this trend yet, but really want to! I just saw a great pic of Rhianna out with a bunch of different patterns and leopard heels, she looked awesome!

  4. So far I have only been able to embrace simple stripes with a nice floral in complimentary colors... though with warmer weather I am definitely going to try more adventurous ones. Love your collage, btw! What did you use to make it?