Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spa Week.... Continues!

So going on right now is SPA WEEK, a nation wide celebration of spa-going with its biggest perk being majorly DISCOUNTED spa services! The party started April 12th and many spa's are booking up with anticipation BUT many salons also will be carrying over Spa Week discounted services until next week (they love the attention). Choose from massages, acupuncture, peels, mani/pedis, facials, waxing, reflexology, botox- literally so many great things to chose from! Everything is supposed to be around $50 but there is a little discretion with things like electrolysis and botox. And it's going on in almost every major city nation wide!! New York loves spa week and there are a TON of your favorite salons and spa's participating!

I treated myself to a facial from the Dorit Baxter Salon and Spa on 57th St. this week in honor of Spa Week and scored it for $50, such a great deal, AND she even threw in an extra treatment during my facial! It was sooo relaxing and after the harsh winter and lack of sunlight my skin really needed one! I walked out with clean fresh skin and after paying half the price!! Such an amazing experience that I've booked another spa treatment for this coming week since the spa had extended their Spa Week prices. So indulgent, so cheap!

Register on and then search either by your favorite spa, spa service, or participating New York area spa's and salons! There's another week of deals to be had!

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