Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[It's an OGRE!] Nail Polish from OPI

Who knew that Shrek was that big of a deal that OPI would want to go and make limited edition SHREK nail polish... but they did! This is just a small limited edition of just 6 colors, but they are sooo fun why not get them all! Chose from "Rumple's Wiggin"- a pretty lavender, What's With the Cattitude?"- a pale blue, "Fiercely Fiona" a light golden hue, "Ogre the Top" bold turquoise, "Funky Dunkey" - (my favorite) a great purple color, or "Who the Shrek Are You?"- the signature Shrek green. All are fairly bright really nicely saturated colors- perfect for the spring and summer neon looks that are so in season!! Order at or most beauty retailers near you!


  1. I saw this a few weeks ago and at first I thought it was so silly but actually, the colors are really growing on me! So fun.

  2. The colors ARE pretty cool, i have to admit. The idea is so whacky tho.