Saturday, April 10, 2010

Talk Trends: Metallic

Not that this is a new trend, but it sure is a favorite! Metallic hit the fashion scene hard about three years ago when people found how easy they were to wear and how easily they spice up any outfit. Every summer I usually purchase a new pair of metallic sandals that I usually wear through in three months- they go with any and everything. But this summer, there's a new comer-- rose gold metallic. This pinkish gold hue warms up every skin tone and goes with all the yellows, oranges, reds, and whites especially that are always in during the spring and summer months.
As always, its super easy to incorporate trends into accessories and shoes. Like I said, a great pair of metallic sandals will take you SO far. Bangles and layered necklaces are always a smart move. And handbags and clutches especially are easy and fun to take with you anywhere.
Here is my collage that I made at (new favorite site that's such a handy blogging tool) of all my favorite metallic goodies for this summer season!


  1. I've been seeing metallic everywhere! I think I want some pinkish metallic shoes now that I think of it...

  2. yeaaa!! I think it was People Style Watch's latest issue that had a great spread on metallic-- rose gold in particular!! I love the term rose gold haha