Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talk Trends: Friendship Bracelets, yay!

Do you love your friends? I sure do! That's why FRIENDSHIP bracelets are super in this season! The favorite childhood accessory is back! They are so fun and easy to wear and wearing them is like carrying happy thoughts of them with you on your wrist :) There are so many cool and eclectic places to acquire them too. This weekend a friend of mine is coming to town and I'm sure we will be scouring the streets of New York to find some new ones!
I love neon brads with charms, evil eyes, anything sparkling, and mixing metals like silver and gold. There really is NO right or wrong way to wear them. Layer them on-- it seems that more is better this season! Plus they look so great with any outfit because they are colorful and sparkly! Yay! What's coolest about them is that you can find them from anywhere from $1 on the street or at flea markets or a little more pricey (usually for more glitz) and cute boutiques throughout the city!
Here are some of my favorites from the ETTIKA boutique-- shop their website, they have the most amazing designs!!

...now don't you want to go get some?!


  1. My roommates has been obsessed with bracelets since i've known her and always has millions filling her arm. I have never been a bracelet girl but when I went to Ecuador I got a bunch of handmade bracelets and now I have one I have never taken off. Officially something I love!

  2. My friend actually just started designing her own. You can check it out at www.shopmisskara.com !!

  3. Cute! I love stacking bracelets like this.

  4. shopmisskara is so cool! i just checked it out, i'll repost about it! thanks for the info :)
    seriously, it is so addicting tho! I had 2 that i didnt think i was going to wear together, but now that i've started i've been acquiring them all over the place! i got 2 this weekend.