Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SPRING WEEKEND + MGMT = Fordham Craziness!

So Fordham has an annual tradition of SPRING WEEKEND, a jam packed weekend containing all the live music, Mr. Softee, and fun college stuff that we are normally deprived of during the rest of the year. And let me tell you, Fordham students get every last drop of fun out of Spring Weekend. And each year it seems to get better! Performances from Ghost Face Killa to Yellow Card have graced the CAB Spring Weekend stage the past few years, and this year it is none other than [everyone's favorite] MGMT. I DIE.
I have loved MGMT since I heard of them almost 3 years ago... the greatest feel good dance music ever. Their single "Electric Feel" I think they had everyone at hello, and the craziest music video too-- think nymphs in the jungle. Amazing.
MGMT also just released their new CD, "Congratulations" that at first listen is a little more tame than their first CD "Oracle Spectacular" but I'm sure is equally as good!! Their singles "Kids" and "Time to Pretend" are faaantastic as well!
That is why everyone is SOO EXCITED for MGMT to hit the stage (hopefully Dean Rodgers doesn't have a heart attack due to all the craziness that will ensue). Be on the look out for lots of neon, bathing suits, and fanny packs, that's my forecast at least :)
SO everyone, ENJOY SPRING WEEKEND 2010 and MGMT!! Here's a preview of the amazingness we're about to experience, their beloved single, "Electric Feel" !!! uhhhh-mazing!

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