Monday, May 3, 2010

Something else to scoop up: Miss Kara bracelets!

Just last week I posted about my love friendship bracelets and how cool and easy layering bracelets of all shapes and sizes is! Another great brand, Miss Kara, has been brought to my attention by a fellow blogger. She told me about the site SHOPMISSKARA.COM and I checked it out and loved it! They are simple and natural designs that will blend nicely into any assortment :)
Look for little buddhas and skulls (I love skulls) as well as wood beads and natural stones! So cute and easy for summer!! Here's my favorite one:

Talk Trends: The Blues.. Denim that is!

Denim has made a major come back this spring! Chambray (lightweight cotton in light blue hues) and denim are splashing on the scene, and there are a number of ways to wear them. 
WORK SHIRTS and button downs in blue hues can be paired with white jeans, khakis, and even dark denim! Chambray and denim DRESSES and OVER-ALLS are easy pieces to wear all by themselves, no work necessary! Ripped and distressed JEANS are favorites too- pair them with a boyfriend cardigan, girly silk top, or relaxed tee. The biggest come back though is the JEAN JACKET, a 90's favorite and classic piece all around- put it over a day dress or to dress down the rest of your closet. Also, denim and chambray is making its way into accessories: purses, shoes, you name it!
Light denim has definitely made its come back, girls and guys! We're seeing it everywhere from Forever 21 to Lanvin and Chanel! Perfect easy pieces for spring and summer, get some chambray while it's still around :) 
here are some favorite looks from! 

Spring Weekend follow up..... EPIC.

Ahhhhh!! Best Spring Weekend by FAR. Kudos, Fordham! MGMT was sooo tight, my best friend from home and I were squeezing ourselves into the front rows as soon as they came on and "Electric Feel" started playing.. I was raging when my other favorite song "Time to Pretend" came on-- such a great live version hearing some fantastic lyrics:

"I'm feeling rough
I'm feeling raw
I'm in the prime of my life...

This is our decision
To live fast and die young
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.
Yea it's overwhelming
But what else can we do?
Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning news...
We're fated to pretend"

.....basically the lyrics that are LITERALLY describing my life right now!!!
While waiting for MGMT to come on, I was busy waiting in line for ice cream and meeting up with friends who were equally as excited as I was for the festivities to begin. There were other events like a Flava performance and DJ Earworm concert, but MGMT was really the only thing I wanted to see-- and I did just that!! Sooo much fun and so happy that my last Spring Weekend as a Fordham student was worthwhile!
Look at my pics!!