Sunday, February 28, 2010

Right on the money: Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum

So MoMA has it's claim to fame being free admission on Friday's after 3pm but who knew the Brooklyn Museum offered a full DAY of admission for free every first Saturday of the month! Sooo as it is now March (finally) plan your upcoming weekend and be sure to make room for a visit to BK. This Saturday, March 6th, the Brooklyn Museum is offering a whole day devoted to women: "Viva Woman!" The gallery tour offered is "To Live Forever: Art and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt" (I am a slight nerd and think ancient Egypt is super interesting). There is also "Object of the Month," music, film, and a create your own clay sculpture station that's inspired by great women in history! The Young Voice Gallery Talk is a forum where students can talk about female figures in an installation- someone go represent for Fordham! Last but NOT least, the whole day wraps up with a Dance Party (legit, the museum called it that on their website) so at least be there 9-11pm with DJ Mary Mac for a tribute to the women of hip hop and soul. HOW AMAZING?!

Get ALL the details (hours, transit, admission) HERE at The Brooklyn Museum's website.

My Love/Hate Love Song

Finally a rant!!! OK... anyone who knows me knows that I loooooveeee Alicia Keys... like, I want to be her. In my eyes, she can do no wrong... almost. I have been LOVING her new album THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM that dropped in December... except for one tiny song, which happens to be her next single, "Put It In a Love Song." For those of you who don't know, this is her awkward (and somewhat obnoxious) duet with Beyonce. I can't pretend to like it and I don't really know where this collabo came from... I feel like Beyonce (the pop diva that she is) and Alicia (the most all around musically talented female artist around) could have just respected each other's creative differences and just NOT gotten together. Rather, they teamed up for a duet, and sadly decided on "Put It In a Love Song." I feel like the song was a reach for Alicia and that she deserves a much better fight against Beyonce, because only a pop singer can pull off that watered-down song that has even weaker lyrics. In complete honesty, I have unchecked the song in my itunes so that the song will not play while I'm listening to the album.

ANYWAYS! I will stop ranting and will admit that the pics from the photo shoot are pretty amazing (a possible contender for Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video), although I feel like the single will get a lot of attention because of the hype around the music video itself (it hasn't premiered yet and I can't find a leak anywhere!). The girls were shooting in CUBA for their duet which garnered a lot of South American press attention! The wardrobe and makeup does look fantastic though, very exotic and fun! Imagine, the two most beautiful women in the business together in a steamy place like Cuba? Yes. Hopefully it does Alicia some justice and will improve my opinion of the song itself. Check out these pics I found from Alicia Keys' Official Website:

And if you find the official music video premiere before me, let a girl know!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A few of my favorite things... orchids!

So two years ago when I was still living in the Bronx, I went on a little day trip across the street to the New York Botanical Garden to see my favorite flower, the orchid, on display. The Orchid Show was one of the coolest things I had seen in a while. I was pretty amazed at all the different types and sizes and colors that can be grown... they were sooo beautiful! Archways with climbing orchids, colossal orchids, just beautifully curated really. So this year its going on again! (I'm sad I missed it last year) but now I get another excuse to go. This year it's going to be bigger and better-- and themed! A Cuban landscape architect curated it this year to have an around the world influence (orchids growing on famous landmarks and grown with palms and other exotic plants to replicate the feeling of Havana, Cuba!) The Botanical Garden itself is such a nice escape from the city- it really feels like I'm back home in Seattle.

Anyways, check out the orchid exhibit going on now!! -- Hopefully the snow will finally let up so we can get some sunny spring weekends.. about time...
Bronx River Pkwy at Fordham Rd, Bronx (718-817-8700, visit for hours). Sat Feb 27–Apr 11, $8–$20 (Fordham Students, rep that discount!).

these were all pictures I took from the Orchid Show 2 years ago!

Monday, February 22, 2010

the BIGGEST sale of the year-- BARNEY'S!

Yes, Barney's New York Ware House Sale is going on NOW, STILL! The Sale started on February 11th but is still in full effect until the 28th... thats another 6 days! Find designer duds marked down to unbelievable prices for women and men's clothing and shoes and home goods. When they say "legendary" they mean it. You'll be lucky if you get through without a scratch, but your savings will be well worth the fight. Pay attention to the days and times as they change a bit depending on the time of week.

Thursday, February 11th thru Sunday, February 28th
Weekdays 10am-9pm, Weekends 10am-7pm
Sun Feb. 28th 10am-7pm.
255 West 17th Street
Between 7th and 8th Avenue
212 450 8400

Saturday, February 20, 2010

For The YUMI KIM Lovers!

One of my most favorite boutique brands out there, Yumi Kim, is having a Sweet Heart Sale at her online site! Get an additional 30% off of your favorite floral silk peices in honor of Valentine's Day! Even if you don't like the actual holiday, what's not to love about 30% off? Ahh, those magic three little words.
Please check her site out as well as her store on Stanton Street downtown. She has the most amazing florals and graphic prints, and look for new touches like exposed zippers and ruffles. So feminine and SO incredibly easy to wear! Sale is this week only- happy shopping, loves.

Shop the website here and get info on her store and upcoming sales!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Mid week blues? Go reap the benefits of Whym's WTF (wednesday, thursday, friday) special. $5 drinks and complimentary food pairings is a deal you can't say no to. Less than a $20 tab? Yes please! Leather seats and chandeliers give wym a cozy and chic atmosphere, plus great music. A perfect midweek pick me up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend!

As the tents at Bryant Park were coming down, designers in Brooklyn were setting up for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. The event is in it's seventh season and is still an emerging event. Williamsburg, known for its hipsters and funky vibe, puts on its own fashion week showcasing the coolest of the cool. Designers featured are Alisha Trimbie, Desira Pesta, FLAWK, King Gurvy, Ruffeo Hearts, Robot Death Cult, SDN, Tar and Feather, TOtal Crap Uninc., and a few others! The 12 designers in all were chosen because of their daring aesthetics and their courage to break the fashion rules. See them this Saturday and Sunday at the Grasslands. Not a fashion lover? Go for the art, dance, and live music that will also be there! Find more details here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Rude, So good...

Check out Rihanna's new single and music video "Rude Boy." As far as the song goes, I'm loving the snare and her voice on the track. This is one of the most innovate music videos I've seen in a long time. Love how Rihanna is embracing her island roots again with the rastafarian themed video-- the color scheme is crazy: pop art, cartoon, tribal prints, oh my! Such an abstract fresh take on videos! Not to mention her wardrobe and dance moves are pretty sick. Uhhh-mazing!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Arigato, OPI

You guessed it, another amazing polish collection from OPI (my other favorite!). This spring's collection is influenced by the bright lights and flare of fashion of Hong Kong! the collection has sooo many diverse colors and a nice variety of matte and sparkling shades! I saw "Jade Is The New Black" on one of my friends and it was amazing- such a nice green color! Names like "Dim Sum Plum" and "Bling Dynasty" have me dyinggg to try the new line! Look for it at nail stores and salons near you!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Karen Walker Autumn/Winter 2010 Show!!!

Today I had the great gift of working the Karen Walker fashion show at the Altman Building! The show was AMAZING-- full of beautiful brocade, chunky knits, great fall patterns, and amazing tailoring. Walker is a New Zealand designer that has been receiving great press coverage in the states! Her laid back but polished style is one that boasts beautiful natural fabrics and furs and amazing relaxed fit. She has been credited in magazines such as Vogue and Teen Vogue, Lucky, and InStyle, among many others. The show was heavily Indie inspired as much of Karen Walker might be considered "hippie chic."

Her Spring Summer looks were a HUGE hit this season and is one of her best yet. The collection was heavily influenced by American culture so there was a lot of red, white and blue, modern prints, and an All-American vibe to the collection. Karen Walker is available mostly in smaller boutiques, but her eye wear (which is sooo amazing), jewelry line, and parts of her collection is making its way into Barney's and Saks (hopefully more soon!). Keep an eye out for Karen Walker!!

Here is her Spring/Summer show:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye, McQueen

In the madness approaching Fashion Week, it has been sadly reported that beloved and innovative designer Alexander McQueen has passed. Alexander McQueen was one of the most unique, inspiring, and fashion forward thinkers of our generation, a prodigy to some. He was known for his one of a kind designs that fashion lovers and celebrities adored.

Sadly McQueen was battling his own person problems when he passed away after taking his own life. His legacy and brilliance will live on forever in the world of fashion and be an inspiriation to many. Lee McQueen your genius and vision were lucky enough to grace this earth, RIP.

Monday, February 8, 2010

For the sneaker fans...

I've recently come across a cool new shoe line called Pointer! They make both men and women's shoes and are a super fresh take on sneakers- both professional, sleek, and comfy! Find them in lowkey soho boutiques and online here.

It'ssssss.... FASHION WEEK!

Another February means another Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! This time around, designers will be showing their Fall/Winter looks to eager crowds. Next year the event's host site will change from the coveted Bryant Park to Lincoln Center (convienetly located down  the street from me!). The party begins February 11th-18th! 
Bryant Park has been the home of many past Fashion Weeks so this year Bryant Park is going out with a bang! Many of the shows have standing room in the back and on the sides if you are lucky enough to snag an invite! There are also a ton of additional shows that take place outside of the tents. The Altman Building is a favorite-- this year it hosts Zac Posen and Karen Walker--which I will be working! There are also shows at designers private show rooms for many of the labels such as Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.

The city is buzzing with excitement as designers and PR firms go temporarily insane until its over. Aside from everyone's anxious anticipation of new lines and looks, another exciting factor of Fashion Week is the after parties and additional events. Be on the look out for fashion fundraisers and parties! One in particular is Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief which will help relief work in Haiti! Ahh.. so many things to love about Fashion Week! Visit the main site for additional info! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wave Hello to Spring!

Essie's 2010 Collection "The Art of Spring"

Spring is around the corner and what better way to ring in Valentine's Day and a new season than with Essie's new spring nail polish collection "The Art of Spring." As a nail polish enthusiast I have to spread the word! With colors like, "Pop Art Pink" and "Tart Deco," Essie's sweet shades will brighten up any winter day. Pinks, purples peaches and reds complete the new collection and with such fun names you can't help but try them all.

If you're still stuck on the matte look, Essie's "Its A Matte Matte World" collection is still huge! My favorites are,"Mink Muffs" and "Mint Candy Apple," both are huge colors for Spring! Muddy grey polish just had a page spread Glamour magazine and pastel greens are popping up in every salon, right on time for spring!

"Original No Artificiality"

This weekend I witnessed a Broadway musical unlike any I had ever seen. With producers including Sean Carter (Jay-Z) and Will and Jada Smith, new Broadway sensation "Fela" is one of the most entertaining, musically stimulating, and beautiful productions ever!

"Fela!" uses a style of music called "afro-beat," a unique style that gathers influences from jazz, funk, Nigerian folk music (horns, bass, guitar, and percussion, etc.) and pairs it with the most beautiful voices, to make for an upbeat, complex, and rhythmic sound. The story, not the main component (the music takes the lead role) follows a real life Nigerian singer Fela Kuti on his last night at his club, The Shrine. The chorus is filled with both thick, slender, short, tall, but all beautiful women who sing and dance constantly throughout the show- trust me they are really shakin' it. Alot of the interaction is between Fela and his chorus of ladies, which is entertaining in and of itself. Fela himself is a show. The lead is amazingly talented- picking up sax and horn for his solo's- and extremely energetic. Also vocally noteworthy are his main wife and the spirit of his deceased mother- their voices will touch your soul!

It's hard to believe that a story this upbeat and beautiful actually takes place during civil war and chaos in post-colonial Nigeria during the 1960's on . Interspersed in the story through music and chants, Fela accounts on the troubles of growing up in Nigeria, his dream/conflict to leave for good, and his ultimate rise to public status through his inspirational music and message of love and peace. "Original No Artificiality' is a mantra repeated throughout the show (they make you sing along too) that defines the show in a nutshell. If you don't think you'll be impressed by the music alone, go for the costumes, the interactive experience and visual uniqueness (pay attention to the glow in the dark back lit scene!). When I noticed I couldn't stop movin', and saw the old white people around me movin' too, I was sold... Go see Fela!