Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Love/Hate Love Song

Finally a rant!!! OK... anyone who knows me knows that I loooooveeee Alicia Keys... like, I want to be her. In my eyes, she can do no wrong... almost. I have been LOVING her new album THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM that dropped in December... except for one tiny song, which happens to be her next single, "Put It In a Love Song." For those of you who don't know, this is her awkward (and somewhat obnoxious) duet with Beyonce. I can't pretend to like it and I don't really know where this collabo came from... I feel like Beyonce (the pop diva that she is) and Alicia (the most all around musically talented female artist around) could have just respected each other's creative differences and just NOT gotten together. Rather, they teamed up for a duet, and sadly decided on "Put It In a Love Song." I feel like the song was a reach for Alicia and that she deserves a much better fight against Beyonce, because only a pop singer can pull off that watered-down song that has even weaker lyrics. In complete honesty, I have unchecked the song in my itunes so that the song will not play while I'm listening to the album.

ANYWAYS! I will stop ranting and will admit that the pics from the photo shoot are pretty amazing (a possible contender for Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video), although I feel like the single will get a lot of attention because of the hype around the music video itself (it hasn't premiered yet and I can't find a leak anywhere!). The girls were shooting in CUBA for their duet which garnered a lot of South American press attention! The wardrobe and makeup does look fantastic though, very exotic and fun! Imagine, the two most beautiful women in the business together in a steamy place like Cuba? Yes. Hopefully it does Alicia some justice and will improve my opinion of the song itself. Check out these pics I found from Alicia Keys' Official Website:

And if you find the official music video premiere before me, let a girl know!


  1. love those looks, have never heard the song, but now I'm interested in hearing it, and seeing how the video turns out!

  2. I think the video is going to be really cool and really improve my thoughts on the song... it just KILLED me that this is the song Alicia Keys decided to make her next single haha.. so many other good songs in my opinion (but I still love you Alicia!) :)

  3. i would just like to mention that the song was produced by super producer Swizz Beats, and i play it as a segue into Jay-Z's on to the next one, followed by Chris Browns I can transform ya...
    check me out at

  4. Haha, great insight showtime, great insight.. it is perfect for how you use it