Saturday, February 27, 2010

A few of my favorite things... orchids!

So two years ago when I was still living in the Bronx, I went on a little day trip across the street to the New York Botanical Garden to see my favorite flower, the orchid, on display. The Orchid Show was one of the coolest things I had seen in a while. I was pretty amazed at all the different types and sizes and colors that can be grown... they were sooo beautiful! Archways with climbing orchids, colossal orchids, just beautifully curated really. So this year its going on again! (I'm sad I missed it last year) but now I get another excuse to go. This year it's going to be bigger and better-- and themed! A Cuban landscape architect curated it this year to have an around the world influence (orchids growing on famous landmarks and grown with palms and other exotic plants to replicate the feeling of Havana, Cuba!) The Botanical Garden itself is such a nice escape from the city- it really feels like I'm back home in Seattle.

Anyways, check out the orchid exhibit going on now!! -- Hopefully the snow will finally let up so we can get some sunny spring weekends.. about time...
Bronx River Pkwy at Fordham Rd, Bronx (718-817-8700, visit for hours). Sat Feb 27–Apr 11, $8–$20 (Fordham Students, rep that discount!).

these were all pictures I took from the Orchid Show 2 years ago!

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