Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend!

As the tents at Bryant Park were coming down, designers in Brooklyn were setting up for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. The event is in it's seventh season and is still an emerging event. Williamsburg, known for its hipsters and funky vibe, puts on its own fashion week showcasing the coolest of the cool. Designers featured are Alisha Trimbie, Desira Pesta, FLAWK, King Gurvy, Ruffeo Hearts, Robot Death Cult, SDN, Tar and Feather, TOtal Crap Uninc., and a few others! The 12 designers in all were chosen because of their daring aesthetics and their courage to break the fashion rules. See them this Saturday and Sunday at the Grasslands. Not a fashion lover? Go for the art, dance, and live music that will also be there! Find more details here

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