Thursday, March 25, 2010

I heart MINX Nails

This amazing God-send of nail technique hit the scene last summer but has been getting great attention ALL year-- it's MINX nails-- a process of a temporarily permanent nail polish application- flexible film applied by heat and pressure. Ladies, this means no more chipped nails and color that lasts for days! Wahoo! They're such low maintenance- you can swim, do the dishes, they are so resilient.
I actually had a friend who got the chance to get the done complimentary last summer (lucky girl!) and hers hands lasted several days, almost weeks, and her feet even longer!!
MInx Nails have been in the limelight because of all of the celebrities that are hopping on the bandwagon. Yes, they do cost more than a manicure but they are available in designs, patterns, great metallic colors, decals, you name it!! Only certain nail salons offer Minx Nails, so search around and find someone near you! Check out these amazingggg Minx designs:

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  1. I think MINX nail designs is brilliant, it is shiny and doesn't need drying time, just apply to your nails and shape it to fit your nails in enough, it can make your nails beautiful for a long time. Very good. like it so much!